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Why Virtual Worlds, why not Earth? – Four Reasons from Edward Castronova

Happy people, those actively and successfully pursuing their goals, generally don’t ask “what’s the meaning of life?” or “why am I doing this and not that?” They’ve taken paths that suit them, are satisfied with their progress, and enjoy what … Continue reading

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A few words about gun violence and video games

I’m not writing to defend violent video games like Call to Duty and Grand Theft Auto. I’ve never played them, so I can’t speak for or against them. But I do agree that games that engage players in egregious violence … Continue reading

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Don’t Blame the Teachers: Notes on Poverty and Student Learning

“… nothing makes sense in education without understanding the role of poverty.” ~Anthony Cody My last post offered some of the lighter moments in the “Poverty Is Not a Game” (PING) unit in my game-based learning course. We, of course, … Continue reading

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U.S. War Memorials in Second Life®

War is always in the background of the American history and film course that my colleague and I are team teaching this semester. We can’t ignore it, nor should we, even though our focus is mostly on social changes and … Continue reading

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Arizona State’s CompuGirls: Signs of Feminism in Second Life®, Part 1

Feminism – the belief that women should have equal rights and opportunities under the law in every area of life, including in politics, employment, education, health, and relationships – does exist in Second Life (SL), but not as explicitly as … Continue reading

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The 1950s in Second Life®

Retro styles (often called “vintage”) abound in Second Life (SL) – fashion, cars, furniture, architecture, and music. Retro is where I’m at in one of my courses this semester. In the team-taught, American studies course, we’re currently surveying the Fifties; … Continue reading

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The University of South Florida in Second Life®

Each January, my husband and I rent a beach house on Anna Maria Island, Florida. For me, it’s an annual homecoming, a time to walk the beaches that I played on as a child and visit with family. I grew … Continue reading

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