The Treasure Hunter Goes Splat! An Argus Story

“I like your outfit,” a player I’ll call Wilbur said. Now understand, my current paladin outfit is nothing special, mostly things I’ve looted here and there. But polite player that I am, I quickly thanked him and continued down the ramp toward the Navigation Console. I’d just returned to the Vindicaar and was eager to beam down to the planet Argus to kill some more demons.

Honneur Charger Mac'Aree - napa 9-28-17But Wilbur wanted to have a conversation, as if we were two strangers who’d wandered into a nightclub. I can’t remember exactly what he said next, but it seemed like a pick-up line to me. Then again, maybe I was being paranoid, a feeling perhaps prompted by an article I’d recently read about the “rape problem” in Elwynn Forest’s Goldshire inn. 

In any case, I didn’t stop to chat, got to the Console, clicked the first Mac’Aree waypoint I saw, and beamed down to the planet. Just like that, I was out of what I took to be a sticky situation. I’ll never know if Wilbur and I could have become friends, sharing various game adventures. Looking back on it now, I’m thinking he was just lonely, wanting someone to play with. I’ll tell you why in a bit.

Mac'Aree CenterCity area -2napa 9-28-17

I materialized on the teleport beacon at City Center. “Good enough,” I thought, “plenty of demons around here to kill.” In fact, near the beacon was a World Quest – to kill a vicious demon. I was heading that way when I saw a message in guild chat from a good friend I’ll call Bechyra.

She was tired of dying while trying to reach a treasure chest hidden in a little house built into the side of a waterfall chasm. I’d eyed that chest icon on my mini-map before but chickened out, mainly because my addon, HandyNotes – Argus, made it sound like a dreadful fall; the addon, however, did offer hope for survival: to use a Goblin Glider (this link shows you how even non-engineers can make them).

Doomseeker'sTreasure waterfall

As luck would have it, Bechyra happened to be in the City Center area, and I happened to have some gliders in my bag. I met her at the waterfall and gave her a few. Not wasting any time, she jumped into the chasm. Splat! Her glider didn’t deploy – yet another meeting with a prime naaru (a spirit healer your ghost meets in Argus). Resurrected again and with amazing speed (I wish you could have seen her), Bechyra and her mount ran over the waterfall – no glider. Splat! This time she had to wait two minutes to resurrect.

Actually, it was all kind of funny – at least we were laughing – but it had to be frustrating for Bechyra too. So I figured the least I could do was make a go for the chest myself and most likely go splat. I walked onto the rocks above the waterfall, jumped, immediately deployed a glider, floated half a second, saw the door to the little house, maneuvered my glider into it, touched the floor, saw the chest, and clicked it. Voila, loot! And incredible beginner’s luck. 


Once in the little house, I didn’t know how to get back up the chasm. Meanwhile, Bechyra had rezzed. This time her glider opened, and I was happy to see her enter the little house. She opened the chest and pointed to a portal (guess I thought it was just an atmospheric effect), and back to the surface we went. Team work! A small adventure that ended in success. 

After completing Mac’Aree’s Emissary Quests, I returned to the Vindicaar to receive my reward. And who should I overhear but Wilbur! He was yelling in chat something like “Anyone want to group with me?” Had his pick-up lines failed, was he desperate for friends, or what? I felt kind of bad about brushing him off earlier and almost stopped to chat. No one should feel lonely in this game. But I didn’t stop. I returned to my class hall. 

honnuer Mac'Aree - orig - 9-26-17Photo info (from top to bottom): My paladin posing on her legendary mount in her ho-hum outfit; view of City Center across the lake; the waterfall that has a little treasure house built into its wall; my mage standing in the door of the little treasure house looking at the chest (my mage wasn’t as lucky as my pally – she had 3 deaths from running her glider into a rock overhanging the little house, with success on 4th attempt); and finally, my pally in front of a cool structure in Mac’Aree.



About Lotus Greene

I started the blog called "Educating Lotus" in 2011, shortly after I began exploring the virtual world Second Life. With friends I met there, I migrated my virtual life to World of Warcraft (WoW) and joined an educators' guild. Lotus Greene is my gamer name, one I kept when I started another blog in 2015 called "Not Quite Ignored," which originally focused on the lighter side of news and now also includes political news and opinions.
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