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Thinking Outside the Box, Literally!

“Think outside the box!” we often say when a problem solution eludes us. Suppose we were to take this metaphor literally and sat outside a large cardboard box while problem-solving. Would our solutions be more creative than sitting inside the … Continue reading

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While Working in World of Warcraft…

While working in World of Warcraft, I’ve learned a few things about teaching and myself – and I’m learning a new language, including lots of acronyms. Yes, I did something I never imagined doing: I got deeply involved in a … Continue reading

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The University of Sheffield (UK) Infolit iSchool

These past few weeks I’ve been spending my inworld time immersed in a MOOC (massive open online course). I plan to blog about this experience soon. But now I want to finish a project I began weeks ago, a show-and-tell … Continue reading

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