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Snow, Shopping, and Narcissism in Second Life®

Many years ago I moved from Florida to the upper Great Lakes region where seasonal changes can be dramatic – and beautiful. I especially loved the snow. People here told me that I’d get tired of it, but I haven’t. … Continue reading

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Cool Screencasting Tool and Seasonal Scenes in Second Life®

When the new semester begins in January, I’ll be team-teaching a 6-credit learning community that integrates recent American history and film studies, a course my colleague and I have taught several times before. The appalling fact is that I’d never … Continue reading

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Environmental Politics and the Four Bridges Project in Second Life®

Several days ago I completed the major assignment for “Advanced Second Life for Educators,” the last of three Sloan Consortium workshops on teaching in virtual worlds. The task involved planning a 3D learning environment that supports other modes of teaching … Continue reading

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