Where the Moon Is Always Full

Imagine a desolate landscape

where the moon is always full,

where living trees are always leafless,

and a hawk always sits on a branch just so;

where snowfall gathers in the same places,

and only the bark of a bush nourishes a lone goat.

It’s always the same every time you visit –

a place of dreams.

World of Warcraft is filled with dream-like places. This image from Drustvar at night shows one of them. There’s something eerie about it and yet serene too. Ichabod trees jabbing the sky with the tips of their limbs contrast with the melancholy warmth of an old abandon mining cart. Yet the full moon brightens the snow and offers a moment of reflection for the weary hunter who has stayed too long in the mountains. It is time for this solitary hunter to give up the hunt and go home to bed, perhaps to dream of a desolate landscape where the moon is always full.

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The Honey Bee Taxi


Wouldn’t you like to ride a bee,

a honey bee that buzzes along

over the treetops, occasionally

dipping down to hover over

wildflowers while re-nectaring?


The sights would be grand,

the ride exhilarating,

the flowers fragrant.


But hold on tight;

you just might sneeze

from all the pollen

covering  your nose –


Here my Alliance gnome, a little warrior, has hired  a honey barrel transport to get to her next mission. One of the things I’m enjoying in this expansion is the variety of taxis offered by flight masters, many of which nicely fit the theme of an area. I hired this taxi, for example, near the Mildenhall Meadery, known for its production of a honey wine called mead. According to Wikipedia, it  was produced in ancient times throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. The oldest evidence for a mead-drinking culture comes from northern China around 7000 BC.

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A Blood Troll Ponders

Bloodtroll“Hmm, wonder what I should wear to Ana’s Halloween party.”

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The Riverbeasts

Nazmir riverbeasts

What fun to see the riverbeasts

 wading in shallows,

nibbling on waterlilies,

browsing along the banks,

so gentle you can hug them.

They’re complete pacifists –

or so you may think

unless you hug too hard;

then their fury knows no bounds.

Be cool. 

Here again I’m in Nazmir. I do enjoy coming upon a group of riverbeasts, a species that’s surely related to the hippopotamus (a Greek  word meaning “riverhorse”). Hippos are “among the most dangerous animals in the world” and are “highly aggressive and unpredictable” (Wikipedia), unlike the peaceful – unless provoked – riverbeasts.

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Fishing the Swamp

Nazmir swamp

I’ve fished swamps teaming with life:

otters playing,  birds unseen singing,

gators basking in shafts of sunlight,

and water moccasins slithering by.

Despite the dangers

there’s something peaceful about a swamp,

as long as you stay in the boat. 

Nazmir is a swampy region that, like all three Zandalar zones, is filled with dangerous, aggressive creatures. When I’m on a mission here, I sometimes linger to fish, always watching my back. Many parts of the zone remind me of the wilderness rivers I fished in Florida, my home state. Beautiful places, peaceful for the most part. 

Only once did I have a dangerous encounter with a hostile creature, an alligator. My husband and I had a string of several large mouth bass hanging off the side of our jon boat (a small flat-bottom boat). We were trolling with a little electric motor when a gator spotted our fish and figured it had a free lunch. Gators are stealthy, so it was almost up to the boat before we spotted it. Quickly I pulled in the string while he cranked up the gas motor – and away we went.

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Dusk at the Cemetery

Drustvar crows tree Sauna

It was dusk when my horse and I came upon

two crows perched on a hillside tree, crows

staring down at the cemetery below, as if

waiting for the resident ghosts to arise.


The windswept tree beckoned me to rest on

the bench beneath its boughs and wait, too,

for darkness to descend; but I, with ample

ghosts of my own, hied my horse along.


This scene is in Drustvar, a large island of the Kul’tiras cluster, a zone that has an ominous feel overall, parts of which seem to be in perennial dusk. I was herbing that day, hoping to find the elusive anchor weed. I found none, alas, but did return to my home base in Zuldazar with over 100 other herbs and this screenshot. I didn’t see a ghost there, but doubtless many players have suddenly found their ghostly selves in this graveyard – and chances are I will too one day and, like those before me, scramble back to my corpse for resurrection.

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The Cabbage Patch

Cabbage Patch

These cabbages look delicious.

Certainly the rabbits think so.

Does the gardener know?

Perhaps she likes sharing her bounty.


An aroma wafts from the cottage.

Could it be cabbage soup?

Perhaps she’ll share some with me,

a hungry wanderer. 


Here again I’m in Stormsong Valley, which isn’t as peaceful as it looks. But most of the cobblestone roads allow for safe passage past hostile animals and humanoids — and for screenshot opportunities. In this case, I was able to take my horse through the rabbit-ridden cabbage patches on this little farm. And I entered the cottage where I found players from the other faction (Alliance) role-playing – or maybe they were just standing around finishing all the soup because there was none left for me.

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